When we were looking for a property agent to help my father run his rental properties in Glasgow, we asked one of the leading licensing lawyers for a recommendation and the was unequivocal that we should meet Ross Macleod. His words were “Ross is a problem solver and super organised”. This was exactly what we were looking for as my father was getting old and he needed help with the complex regulations surrounding HMO’s in Scotland. When we met Ross it was clear that he was organised and we have not been disappointed. He actively deals with problems and we know that my father’s properties are in good hands. His relationships with the HMO team in Glasgow is very strong and it helps that he has high standards when he is submitting licensing applications and also making sure that all our properties are exceeding the ever increasing regulations. We would not hesitate to recommend Ross and his team at Macleod Lettings and if you would like to speak to us to find out more then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Zia Dean, Sabhab Holdings, January 2020
Ross and his team are by far the best lettings agency I have ever worked with - and I've experienced a few!. Been with them for years and expect to be with them for many more years to come. Reliable, professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
Marcus Cent, Landlord, January 2020
I started my career in property investment with Ross Macleod a number of years ago when my husband and I decided to buy in a flat in Glasgow whilst our daughter attended university there. Ross found us a perfect investment property, managed a fantastic refurbishment, secured us an elusive HMO and had never let us experience a day without tenants in all the time we’ve owned the property. With the help of Ross and his wonderful team we have grown our portfolio of properties in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across the central belt of Scotland so that it is currently valued in excess of £1 million. The growth is testament to the professionalism of Macleod Lettings in securing us excellent tenants for each newly acquired property and making sure that any issues in the day to day maintenance and running of the properties are dealt with in a timely and economic manner. I cannot stress highly enough how great these guys are.
Jeananne Graham, Landlord, January 2020


Since taking over the management of my let shortly after I moved into my current property, Helen Hall has consistently been a proponent of a high standard of care with regards to my tenancy. The property in question, whilst wonderful in many respects, has required a fair amount of improvement works to make it as habitable as possible, and Helen has been at the forefront of ensuring these aims are achieved quickly and with the miniumum of fuss. Acting as a conduit between myself and my landlord, she has ensured that both our concerns are heard and attended to, and that relations are amiable, due in no small part to her own approachability. My property has undergone a great deal of change for the better, as a result of Helen’s drive for excellence, and I’ve no doubt this would not have been the case were she not fighting my corner, and had I not felt I could come to her with any issues I’d been having. Renting can often be a miserable experience in terms of feeling, as a tenant, that you’re not being heard, but over the course of my dealings with Helen and Macleod, I’ve felt nothing but supported and attended to, as did, I believe, my landlord. I would strongly recommend the company to anyone looking to rent as it’s been a refreshing change to see and feel a positive difference being made.
Kirsty Neary, Tenant, January 2020
As a student and first time renter, Helen has been a delight to work with from our first meeting which was in September last year when I viewed a property for the first time. Helen efficiently provided a complete briefing and review of the property ranging from the specification to estimated costs for utility bills. I was most impressed with the speed at which Helen processed my note of interest and application materials which led to my interest being converted to acceptance within a few hours on the same day. As I prepared to move into the property Helen was especially responsive to my range of questions with quality responses. Move in day was a delight with all the items noted in advance either addressed or an action plan agreed. I have now been in the property for over 6 months and have rarely had to contact Helen, but when I did, Helen’s response was both prompt and helpful. I would recommend Helen and Macleod Lettings to fellow students looking to rent in the future.
Jennifer Kerr, Tenant, January 2020